Suboxone Treatment Doctor in Baton Rouge, LA




Addiction to opioids can affect every part of your life. Unfortunately, the addiction can be hard to overcome on your own. The team at Laudnum in Baton Rouge, LA, can help you take the necessary steps to beat your addiction and start a new life. Our Suboxone treatment has helped many people stop using opiates, and it can help you control your addictions too.

Benefits of Suboxone

Suboxone is used wordwide to help patients manage withdrawal & cravings for opioids. During your treatment with Dr. Cenac, you will receive guidance and techniques to manage your recovery from opiate addiction and your reentry into a full and productive life.

One of the ingredients of Suboxone is a partial opioid agonist, which means it keeps any harmful opioids from binding to receptors that are in your nervous system. This keeps opiate drugs from having as potent of an ef ect on your brain. Our Suboxone treatment gives you more control over your physical responses to stop your opioid use.

Reasons to Choose Us

Philip Louis Cenac. Jr., M.D., was the first physician to use Suboxone in the treatment of opiate addiction. Since 2003, he has helped his clients with this evidence-based treatment. Dr. Cenac doesn't require patients to attend Group Therapy. Dr. Cenac provides personalized, private, individual and effective treatment for opiate addiction.

Contact our clinic to learn more and to speak to a Suboxone treatment doctor. Give us a call to speak to a physician who uses Suboxone to assist in addiction recovery.